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Veterans Park

Our next Ramp Up MKE Event

Ramp Up MKE and Milwaukee County Parks recently partnered to install beach wheelchairs at Bradford Beach and hand sleds at Red Arrow Park, permanently transforming both parks into accessible destinations for everyone—including people with disabilities.

Now the partnership has launched a $5,000 crowdfunding campaign to transform Veteran’s Park by installing permanent handcycles.

A September 24th ‘Ride for Everyone’—including people of all ability levels—celebrates this milestone.

This event also launches a history-making partnership between Ramp Up MKE and Milwaukee County Parks to systematically transform Milwaukee into The World’s Most Accessible Recreation City, starting with the city’s lakefront destinations in 2017—for example, a permanent ramp to the beach at Bradford Beach.


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25 years after the American with Disabilities Act, the world is still an inaccessible place for many people, especially people with disabilities.

According to the CDC, there is disproportionate sickness, sadness, and death for people with disabilities because they don't have access to the resources and facilities that everyone else does - especially for fitness and recreation.


Help Us Ramp Up MKE and Build
The Ability Center

Ramp Up MKE is a movement to make sure people with disabilities can enjoy the same recreational opportunities as everyone else.  We ramped up the beach. We ramped up the ice skating rink. And there's more to come. 

Where are we going?  With each event we hope to build more support for our ultimate goal: The Ability Center. 

The Ability Center will be a universally designed athletic and recreation facility for those impacted by disabilities but inclusive of the able-bodied public.  In collaboration with our community, we will:  support people impacted by disabilities, daily; promote wellness; and aid in rehabilitation. 


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Our Past Successes


If you're in a wheelchair, a day at the beach is no day at the beach. So in August of 2015, we organized a beach party that for once was accessible to all. 

Through this initiative, we raised funds to permanently outfit Bradford Beach with 3 beach accessible wheelchairs. Watch the video to see the full story and sign up below so you don't miss our next event.



Ice skating in Milwaukee County was impossible for people with disabilities. So in February of 2016, we rallied the community to fix this problem - for good.  

With your help, we raised funds to permanently provide Red Arrow Park with three adaptive ice skating sleds. Watch the video to see the full story, and subscribe to not miss out on the next #RampUpMKE event!


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